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Marin and Sonoma County Doctors and Nurses need more adequate protective gear in combating the COVID

As cases of COVID-19 escalate around the country, physicians and other healthcare workers (HCWs) in Marin and Sonoma Counties are facing severe shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE). As a result of this shortage, recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for appropriate PPE for HCWs on the front lines have shifted. 

As quoted directly from the CDC website: “PPE recommendations for the care of patients with known or suspected COVID-19: Based on local and regional situational analysis of PPE supplies, face masks are an acceptable alternative when the supply chain of respirators cannot meet the demand."..."When the supply chain is restored, facilities with a respiratory protection program should return to use of respirators for patients with known or suspected COVID-19." 

This is unacceptable for the protective health of everyone! Please help us get adequate equipment to our healthcare workers today! Let's keep them safe as they treat this pandemic!  

We have already located sources of certified PPE which are readily available and starting partially relieve the need as we continue searching for more supply lines. 

Donate now so we can put an urgent order for supplies in today!


"I want to be able to take care of ICU patients, but if we aren’t protecting ourselves and our coworkers how will we stay safe and healthy. "

ICU Nurse,RN/CCRN, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Medical Center 

ICU is the last defense line. It is the last defense line for the human being to fight back against this deadly pandemic that the like has not been seen for centuries. I do not want to imagine what will happen if this last defense line collapses. We need PPE to make this line unbreakable. We need your help.

Rui You, RN/CCRN, ICU, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Medical Center   

At our facility, we expect to run out of PPE supplies in about 2 weeks.  Our chance of being infected will tremendously go up without proper protection.  We won't be able to protect our patients without protecting ourselves.  Having witnessed what happened to the many health care providers being infected in Wuhan and Italy, we shouldn't let it happen again here in the US.  We need proper N95 masks and PPEs to fight this war.

Dr. Rebecca Li, MD, Marin Health Internal Medicine, A UCSF Health Clinic   

Nurses and physicians tell their real life experiences combating COVID-19 with inadequate protection.

"As a physician, I do not know how long it takes to make an N95 mask, but I do know how long it takes to train a physician, a nurse practitioner, a physician’s assistant, a respiratory therapist or nurse. We are the supply chain that needs to be protected."

Dr. Milla J. Kviatkovsky, UC San Diego Health-Jacobs Medical Center   

As a physician, I have witnessed the tragedies of doctors and nurses in Wuhuan when there was lack of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). We don’t want this happen in US. We really need community support in order for us to protect our community

Dr. Ying Cao, MD, Sutter Medical Group of the Redwoods   


Stop Covid-19 Blog

We have delivered 12,112 masks, 54 face shields and 275 medical suits to our eleven local hospitals.  Click here to see  the donation pictures and click here to see the Bay Art Academy students art work.

Apirl 13, 2020


Sutter Santa Rosa ICU: 80 surgical masks, 20 N95 masks, 20 face shields, 25 KN95 masks, 600 Disposal masks 

San Pablo Hospitals: 16 3M N95, 300 regular masks, 8 KN95 masks, 20 N95 masks

Apirl 4, 2020

$21,050 raised of $50,000 goal.  


  • Kaiser, Marin: face shields and masks
  • Novato community Hospital:  50 DuPont pro60 protection suites 
  • West Contra Costa county Hospital: 20 3M 8210 masks, 50 3M KN95 9501 masks, 50 regular masks, and 4 KN94 masks
  •  Sutter Health Santa Rosa Regional Hospital:  75 DuPont pro60 protection suites , 100 Honeywell Onefit n95 Noish approved surgical masks.

Apirl 2, 2020

 $20,724 raised of $50,000 goal.  


  • 100 3M N95 Masks
  • 100 Onefit N95 Masks

MARCH 30, 2020

 $20,524 raised of $50,000 goal.  The NextDoor moderators approved our donation post. Also our children's school communities started to help too! Thank you everyone for following our posts, asking all the important questions and supporting us! We really appreciate it.


  • 175 DuPont pro60 protection suites. Thanks for our east coast medical suppliers

MARCH 27, 2020


  1. Marin Health Internal Medical Center (Novato):  75 DuPont Tyvek medical suits , 50 3M VFlex 1840s N95 masks, 80 One-fit n95 masks, 300 Medline Procedure masks
  2. Novato Community Hospital:  50 3M VFlex 1840s N95 masks, 1,200 Medline Procedure masks
  3. Petaluma Valley Hospital: 1,200 Medline Procedure masks
  4. Petaluma Health Center: 600 Medline Procedure masks
  5. Petaluma Kaiser: 600 Medline Procedure masks
  6. Sutter Health Santa Rosa Regional Hospital : 25 DuPont Tyvek medical suits , 25 3M N95 masks,  1,500 Medline Procedure masks. Sent imported PPE samples to hospital to inspect
  7. Sutter Health Redwood : 300 Medline Procedure masks

MARCH 25, 2020

 $18,493 raised of $50,000 goal. Thank you! We are running out of fund quickly, please help us so we could order more n95 and medical masks! Thank you!

 The following items arrived: 

- 5,750 (116 boxes) Medline  Procedure  masks (really hard to find)

- 100 Honeywell N95 masks (combined order with Stanford hospital, really hard to find)

- 100 DuPont Tyvek 


- Marin Health Medical Care: 500 masks

- Sutter Health Santa Rosa Regional Hospital : 350 masks and 10 N95 masks 

MARCH 24, 2020

 $17,693 raised of $50,000 goal. Thank you!

The following items arrived:

-2000 medical masks.  

-100 3M N95

- Samples of PPE from different distributors.  


-Marin Health Care: 50 N95 masks

-Sutter Health Santa Rosa Regional Hospital : 170 N95 masks 

MARCH 22, 2020

 $12,500 raised of $50,000 goal.  Thank you! 

Today we made our FIRST delivery of N95 medical masks to the front line medical worker at Sonoma hospitals. They were very, very, very low on supply and so, so, so happy. 

-Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation: 250  medical masks

-Santa Rosa Memorial (Emergency Tent):  45 3M-N95 masks

-Kaiser Santa Rosa (Emergency Tent):  25 3M-N95 masks

-Sutter Health Santa Rosa Regional Hospital:  25 3M-N95 masks, 100  Halyard PPEa

MARCH 20, 2020

  $10,000 raised of $50,000 goal.  Thank you!  

 We've been so blown away by everyone's generosity in such a short time.  Made purchase  orders.

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